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    Ana Gjurinovich


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Ana Gjurinovich was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1957. Her artistic vocation began in childhood, inspired by her uncle and a cousin, both plastic artists.

Her formation began with Alba Sanchez, (1969-73) who guided her through charcoal, ink, pastels and oils to achieve certification in the private academy “Escuela Superior Sudamericana”, Buenos Aires (1971). She wins her first prize in the Manuel Asso Salon, at the Association Encouragement of Fine Arts, Pergamino, Buenos Aires (1976).

Several years she spent working in administrative tasks for a corporation, married and had children, and then back to her training.

She attended classes and courses in different techniques like hyperrealism, Russian painting, impressionism and faux finishes, working in watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastels and mixed media.

She attended classes with the artists Jorge Rajadell (2001-2004), Oscar Correa (2011) and Ricardo Celma (2008-2014). She teaches in her own atelier for about 16 years. She has traveled to teach throughout Argentina and in other countries like Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil.

She was the Coordinator of the Rosario Art Institute' Training Course in artistic painting.

She has received several awards and Honorable Mentions in painting competitions. Private collectors have her works in Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Bolivia, USA, Holland, France, Abu Dhabi and Italy.

Artist Work

Monochrome series

Painted entirely in acrylic with detail brush and oil layers.


Inspired by nature, based on photographs; made on acrylic or oil.

Textile painting

Painted and sublimated on various surfaces.

Animals paintings

Polychrome in acrylic or mixed media made with a variety of hyperrealistic techniques.

Jewelery Photography

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Drink Photography

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Taller Arwen
La Pampa 2875. PB "J". 1426 C.A.B.A. Argentina

+54 11 4896-4321

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